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A rebellious exterior almost always leads to a heart-shaped inside. HORSEBATH is passionate and clownish, belting and romantic, the Canadian Americana group is composed of singer and guitarists, Keast Mutter and Daniel Connolly, with Etienne Beausoleil on bass. Americana with a hint of swing and a foundation in folk-rock, their devilish two-part harmonies are the entryway to the big climactic sound that always brings on a dancing crowd. Emotional complexity is distilled by laughter and friendship, before it moulds into simple and sincere poetry that is catchy and universal. With a band chemistry that was calcified on roadtrips, and a sharp focus on sculpting an energetic live set, HORSEBATH creates a freeing sonic atmosphere that connects you to the hops and bops of the golden days.  

Genres: Americana, Rock 'n' Roll, Alt-Country

Currently based in Halifax, Nova Scotia & Montreal, Quebec

Core Members

Keast Mutter 

Daniel Connolly

Etienne Beausoleil

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